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At Home & Yacht Linen and interiors we are professionals working in the yacht supply industry since 2011. Based in Palma de Mallorca but working globally providing yachts of all sizes with high quality linens and interior accessories.

1. World Class Bed Linens and Tableware

We provide most of the worlds best know bed and table linens as well as manufacturing our own bespoke collection. We provide bespoke linens to any sized yacht and superyacht as well as providing business to business services for other yacht linen companies. We work globally and keep a vast library of template for yachts around the world.

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The team at Home & Yacht did a wonderful job in replacing our bed linen for the summer 2016 season. The quality of the product along with the packaging and service was fantastic. Many thanks

  • Tony Pantano
  • Chief Steward
  • MY Karima
  • 49m

2. Crew and Staff Bed linens

Our in house work shop produce quality bed linens made to the exact size and shape of each crew or staff bed. We also have our own range of Egyptian Cotton hotel linens which are perfect for crew and some charter yachts. Whether it is for a small motor yacht or a huge mega yacht our workshop is geared up to produce high quality, durable and comfortable linens that work well on board. We use high quality Egyptian cotton to ensure that our linens look good and last for longer.

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3. Interior Refit and Design Projects

Our showroom in Palma de Mallorca is the largest in the Mediterranean showcases both linens and interior accessories. We provide everything that a modern yacht interior needs regardless of its size. From service trays to lobster forks, ice buckets, non slip mats to dock mats carpets rugs and much more. We provide a full interior refit and design service for all decorative and soft furnishing. Our projects involve upholstery covering for sofas, headboards and carpets as well and cushions, throws and decorative ornaments and accessories. Our most recent projects have involved us with complete interior redesigns for sofas carpets blinds and curtains on yachts from 30m to 140m. we have something for every size and budget.

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4. Owners Supplies

Owners very often have specific favorites or requirements. We provide or source a great deal of accessories or owners favorites. From particular cosmetics, trays and trinket boxes, fragrances or on board games we can help you make your guests as comfortable as possible.
HPO10 TRIO PICTURE FRAME GIOBAGNARAluxury games99542 stand mirrorRabitti1969_composition_1049x700PC INTDrinks trolley

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5. Toiletries

We are agents for most brands of cosmetics and toiletries and are the leading provider in Palma de Mallorca with the largest stock. We ship world wide and also offer large refill bottles for most brands. Contact us with you requirements and see how we can help you. Details of our brands is available in our products or Brands section.


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6. Product Sourcing

Finally, for everything that we don’t already carry in our vast product offering there is Product Sourcing. Sometime owners have on board a particular item that they have collected from far away travels one no one can remember from where. The problem arises when it needs replacing. That is where our Product Sourcing Service come in. We have excellent relationships with a whole range of suppliers around the world and can usually source a replacements for you. If not we can sometimes have a replica made to order. We were recently charged with finding replacement glass lamp shades with an unusual but specific fitting. The original manufacture was no longer in business so we had a whole set replaced and  hand made in a specialist glass factory. The owner was delighted as was the chief stew.
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