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Home & Yacht Linen and Interiors is proud to have it’s bespoke bed linens and interior accessories gracing the beds of some of the stunning yachts and super yachts at this year’s Monaco Yacht show.

As bedding experts based in Palma de Mallorca we provide some of the finest bed linen brands from Frette, Pratesi, Heirlooms and Schlossberg Switzerland to these elegant floating homes.

We have designed bespoke bed linens to specifically co-ordinate with the decor and created some stunning effects by adding co ordinating accessories in leather and rattan. We have created some stunning tables with our china, sliver and glassware and set this against some simple but stunning fabrics for table cloths and napkins.

With more than half of the world’s largest yachts coming to Monaco for the Yacht show each year, Monaco is the capital of the yachting world and each year plays host to the Monaco Yacht Show; a highlight in the jewel of the yachting calendar’s crown. Every year the yachts get larger; the super and mega yachts get ever more elegant and luxurious; and deals are struck for millions of Euros.

It is amazing to see so many of our clients in one location for a few days.

Although not the largest yacht in port any more, the Lady Moura, still gets her fair share of attention. Seen for most of the year in Monaco, the Lady Moura has a special place in the hearts of those of us living in Mallorca as she can often be seen gracing the shores and Ports of Palma de Mallorca.


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