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Getting the size of a mattress requires some exact measurements if the bed linens are to fit correctly. We usually prefer for one of our team to visit the yacht to take these measurements but sometimes this isn’t always possible and you may have to take the measurements for us.

The following steps should help you.

  1. Strip the mattress right down to the actual mattress.
  2. Take a photo if possible and send it to us with your measurements.
  3. Match the shape of your mattress to one of the shapes below and identify which measurements you are going to be taking.
  4. Use a flexible tape measure in centimetres and run the tape measure along the surface of the mattress making a note of each measurement as you take it. Remember to tell us the cabin and bunk name of each set of measurements.
  5. Note that sometimes the mattress bulges out at the sides. Take the largest measurements.
  6. ALWAYS take the depth of the mattress. If any toppers are usually included, take the depth of the mattress with the topper in place too.

If in doubt, call us and we will be able to help you. Additionally, please download the guide.

Download here


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